Monday Morning Cute: Spiders (Well, Maybe…)

Can spiders ever be cute? The creator of this listicle at the website LOL Gallery Infatuation seems to think so. I generally—and rather vehemently—disagree, which is why this post does not reproduce any of the pictures displayed over there.

I have addressed the question of whether arthropods can ever meet the standard human definition of “cute” before, and I’ve even found some examples among the insects and the crustaceans. I do not feel that I am ready, however, to extend any amount of squee to the arachnids, especially the members of the order Araneae. Maybe I just need time…

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Monday Morning Cute: Cuteness Triumphant

I’ve been quite neglectful in posting my weekly cuteness updates, so to get the ball rolling again, I present my dog, Zeta, panting in a sunbeam like a f—ing boss.

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Monday Morning Cute: It’s Not Like Sloths Will Clean Themselves….

…..right? I mean, they’re called sloths, aren’t they?

I don’t know if this little sloth is happy about this bath, but he certainly is cute.

Bonus cute: Ferrets can be jerks sometimes: Continue reading


Monday Morning Cute: The Protective Little Elephant

This little guy is either really friendly, but shy; or he feels very protective of the adults in his family, but is hesitant to reveal to them how much he has been training (you know, since they want him to focus on his schoolwork.)

Or, he’s a megalomaniacal future king of the elephants. Who among us can ever truly understand their ways?

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Monday Morning Cute: Give a Fox a Hand

A baby fox who got a bit too curious with some human litter (and let’s be clear, this is totally humans’ fault) approached some Russian hikers (or soldiers, considering the attire) to ask for help.

It’s also possible that the fox was just stumbling around blindly and happened to come across some helpful beings with opposable thumbs, but I prefer to think of this as a parable that portends an era of peace between the human and vulpine worlds.

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Monday Morning Cute: Pug Line

Presenting six pug puppies sleeping in a row, with musical accompaniment:

(Via the good people at Laughing Squid.)

I thought about making some pug-puppy GIFs, but you really need the music to appreciate this one fully 🙂


Monday Morning Cute: Come Play with Us…….

Perhaps this dog is right to be wary of these kittens….

Come play with us……furever and ever…….

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Monday Morning Cute: Dog vs. Deer

This is how I imagine this conversation going down:


Dangit, dog, for the last time, I’m a deer, and I don’t feel like playing. I’m trying to eat this overgrown shrub.

You’re just gonna keep standing there until I play with you, aren’t you? [Sigh.]


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