“Perfect Organism” (UPDATED)

Consider the cat.

Specifically, consider the cat’s drive to kill.

"The reason cats are so pissy is they're God's perfect killing machines but they only weigh 8lbs and we keep picking them up and kissing them" – Tweet by David Thorpe

Now, consider this classic scene from Alien, but imagine that they’re talking about Jones, the ship’s cat, instead of the eight-foot-tall, acid-bleeding xenomorph: Continue reading


Monday Morning Cute: Come Play with Us…….

Perhaps this dog is right to be wary of these kittens….

Come play with us……furever and ever…….

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Monday Morning Cute: Cats and Dogs Doing Cat and Dog Stuff

First, we have a few cat GIFs I found on Tumblr (h/t Sarah Jeong).

Here is the now-famously-curious Pallas’ cat:

They’re definitely not pets, but they’re certainly photogenic and meme-able: Continue reading


Monday Morning Cute: Small Birds that Do What They Want

Seriously, are you going to tell these birds they can’t do something? I don’t think they’d listen. They might just cut you instead.


The Cat-Unicorn Theory, Tested

The question of whether cats really do love unicorn horns has finally been answered:

They do not.

Dogs, however…