A few quotes about writing, thinking, and living.

“One of the reasons I favor very strong language is that I never want to be thought of as emotionally manipulative; in other words, if I’m going to appeal to your emotions I want y’all to recognize that I’m doing it.” — Maggie McNeill

“If you ever want to hide something from a racist, put it in a book.” — bankuei

“[This paragraph] is not so much writing as it is putting out lit cigarettes on the exposed tender flesh of the English language.” — Ken at Popehat

“Life is too damn short to waste on looking cool. Don’t waste a second or a penny that you could be spending on being cool.” — Cliff Pervocracy

“For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction. Plus a social media overreaction.” — Paul Thayer

“The internet is a Tower of Babel. It’s a total whirlwind but it is not without form. If it is chaotic it is because a star is being incubated. Our great accomplishment has been this great tool of communication that is allowing us to be informed of the experiences of others. I’m delighted by blogs no matter how ridiculous they are. I encourage as many people as possible to compile documentation of their existence and experiences. I do get annoyed that all of this beautiful data and information about the human experience is corralled into proprietary ownership. It’s why I hate Facebook. They’re sitting on a goldmine of understanding and it’s solely being used to sell people more stupid shit we don’t need to plug into a landfill and aid the destruction of everything we know and love on earth.” — Maggie McNeill

“When it comes to generating white-hot outrage over wholly imaginary slights, the Internet is and will forever be the absolute zenith of human achievement.” — io9 commenter SteBee

“Booze + outrage are the chocolate and peanut butter of email.” — Richard Hillary


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