Monday Morning Cute: Pug Line

Presenting six pug puppies sleeping in a row, with musical accompaniment:

(Via the good people at Laughing Squid.)

I thought about making some pug-puppy GIFs, but you really need the music to appreciate this one fully đŸ™‚


Monday Morning Cute: Dogs Doing Stuff

Leftovers go to the dish pit:

Pugs love to play with balls. ALL OF THE BALLS!!! Continue reading


Monday Morning Cute: Animal Massaginists

If I don’t use the word I made up*, who will?

Here’s a dog who’s noticing an awful lot of tension in your back:

"noodle massage" by m anima [CC BY 2.0 (], via Flickr

Even bunnies need to help each other loosen tight muscles:

"Massage time!" by Carly Lesser & Art Drauglis [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Flickr

It’s not just non-human animals that need to get the kinks worked out. Furries need some therapeutic touch now and then, too: Continue reading