Monday Morning Cute: Cuteness Triumphant

I’ve been quite neglectful in posting my weekly cuteness updates, so to get the ball rolling again, I present my dog, Zeta, panting in a sunbeam like a f—ing boss.

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Gender-Based Assumptions About My Dog (UPDATED)

My dog and I recently celebrated our eighth adopt-a-versary. Since I also treat that day as her birthday, and the vet estimated that she was about two years old when I got her, that means that last month was her tenth birthday. She has been recovering from knee surgery since early June, so it was a very low-key celebration. I do plan on doing a bit more to celebrate when she’s off restricted duty.

She likes to sleep a lot anyway, so her "light duty" assignment works out okay most of the time.

She likes to sleep a lot anyway, so her “light duty” assignment works out okay most of the time.

Since she has been confined to a crate for more than a month, and since we have had numerous people coming and going through our house for various reasons (e.g. the squirrel urine problem that I still don’t want to talk about here), I have noticed something that has always happened, but that happens much more frequently under the present circumstances. To paraphrase a typical exchange with a visitor, in dramatic form: Continue reading


Happy Birthday to Z

In all the excitement of the past week or two, with my dog’s knee surgery, the removal of multiple squirrel nests—and the associated squirrel urine stench—from our attic (more on that in a later post, perhaps), and this weekend’s 48-Hour Film Project, I nearly forgot that today is a pretty important milestone.

Eight years ago today, a beautiful young blonde woman came into my life. I can’t really think of many other ways keep this vague: I’m talking about my dog, Zeta.

Since I have no idea exactly how old she is, or when her actual birthday is, we treat June 14 as her birthday. The vet estimated that she was about two years old at her first exam back in 2007, so we’re treating today as her tenth birthday.

Or we would be treating today as her tenth birthday if we hadn’t all gotten so distracted by everything else going on. Zeta’s pretty oblivious to everything, anyway, given that she’s only one week into her surgery recover. Here she is earlier today: Continue reading


The Single-Minded Quest of the Dog

Nothing is going to stop her from getting that fly. The computer was a necessary sacrifice for the greater good.

Housefly 1, Dog 0, Computer 0

(The computer is fine, by the way.)

(She never caught the fly.)


Reason No. 94,560 Why My Dog is Awesome

She wants to share the toy with May, but I guess she just lacks the muscle memory to let go of it once she’s got it.


Fun Things You Find When Clearing Out Your Hard Drive

This was taken on June 15, 2007, the day after I brought Zeta home for the very first time. Note the crummy apartment with a foot locker for a coffee table, as well as my early attempt to buy her love with a Kong.

Mail Attachment

I think she was still trying to decide if she liked me or not. She figured it out eventually.