Monday Morning Cute: Pug Line

Presenting six pug puppies sleeping in a row, with musical accompaniment:

(Via the good people at Laughing Squid.)

I thought about making some pug-puppy GIFs, but you really need the music to appreciate this one fully 🙂


Do Dogs Remember Theirs Puppies? A Comic.

I wonder sometimes how dogs remember their puppies once they’ve been taken away.


“Written in the Bones,” a comic by Carey Pietsch and Christopher M. Jones, offers one idea of how they might. Continue reading


Wednesday Evening Cute: I’ve Been Busy, So Here Are Some Puppies

I slacked a bit on my Monday Morning Cute series. Here are some emergency puppies.

This puppy seems to know something you don’t know:

xandert from

Via xandert from

This, of course, is SUPER PUPPY!!!

Southpointe from

Via Southpointe from

Regular cuteness will resume next Monday. If you find yourself in need of cute in a pinch, I recommend Cute Emergency on Twitter.