Monday Morning Cute: It’s Not Like Sloths Will Clean Themselves….

…..right? I mean, they’re called sloths, aren’t they?

I don’t know if this little sloth is happy about this bath, but he certainly is cute.

Bonus cute: Ferrets can be jerks sometimes: Continue reading


Winged Devourers

I think I have finally figured out why flying foxes, the large bats with adorable faces, freak me out so much.

When they wrap their wings up like this…

Via Facebook / Frans de Waal - Public Page

Via Facebook / Frans de Waal – Public Page

…they remind me of the “winged devourers” from the 1982 classic The Beastmaster: Continue reading


Fear Leads to Anger; Anger Leads to Marmots

A friend posted this bit of wisdom to Facebook the other day:

'Angry is just sad's bodyguard.' Liza Palmer

Via Mentors Channel / Facebook

While I like the sentiment, I don’t think it tells the entire story. Anger and sadness are linked, most certainly, but anger is also a byproduct of fear. That’s the sort of anger that is most dangerous. Even Yoda agrees with me. Actually, I probably stole the idea from him.

I thought I’d expound a bit, in the form of a meme and a Big Lebowski reference: Continue reading


Scientific Illiteracy Can Be Adorable

Such as when it leads this kind-hearted Craigslist user in Richmond, Virginia to refer to a ferret as a “cat snake” (h/t Paul):

Found! Cat Snake? (Richmond)

Click to embiggen.

If you can’t see the screenshot, and the Craigslist post gets removed, here’s what it says:

Found! Cat Snake? (Richmond)

[Picture of ferret.]

Found (assuming) pet. Some sort of cat snake? Long and nimble but with dryish fur and cat teeth. Seems to like cat food, but isn’t a cat. Please come take this off my hands it smells weird.

I hope the cat snake finds its way home.

(To be fair, ferrets are also sometimes known as polecats, and the possible origin of that name just became clear to me.)

(Yes, I realize there’s an above-even chance that the Craigslist post is a joke. It doesn’t alter the likelihood that many, many people don’t know what a ferret actually is. I’ve spoken to people who think they are rodents. They’re actually much more closely related to cats, and would probably take offense at either comparison.)