Fixing a Few Memes

I came across some memes and other images in the past day or so that looked like they needed some fixing. I just thought I’d share.

First, we have a meme from a Facebook page called “The Advocates for Self-Government” (h/t Jason):

"Up until 1913 Americans kept all of their earnings. Despite this, America still had schools, roads, colleges, vast railroads, subways, and an army & navy. Tell me again why people need to be extorted?"

It shows a scene from a New York City street, circa 1913*. The text offers a pretty standard revisionist history of the United States prior to the Sixteenth Amendment, suggesting that the U.S. was doing just fine without federal income tax. Then, of course, it throws in the “taxation = theft” bit, which I’m not even going to bother refuting here because the people who make that argument are incapable of feeling intellectual shame. Continue reading


“White, white, white and Will Smith”

A friend started a discussion on Facebook the other day about how she is constantly asked where she is from—this is something that white people like me do not seem to experience nearly as much, and when we do, a simple answer like “San Antonio” will suffice. No one ever asks me where I’m really from besides the American city I just named, or where my ancestors are from (unless it was during a family tree project.) The Facebook discussion led to this comic by Shing Yin Khor, originally published on The Toast and reposted on Upworthy. This is just one panel; the whole thing is worth a look (some NSFW language).

By Shing Yin Khor, via Upworthy

By Shing Yin Khor, via Upworthy


Going to Purgatory for Your Dog: A Comic

“The Dog’s Sins,” a comic by KC Green, looks at what might happen if a person stood in judgment for the wrongs committed in life by their dog.


(Cross-posted to Imgur, h/t BuzzFeed)


Mental Health Reading: Drip Drip

A comic entitled “Drip Drip” starts out with two girls taking a shortcut through the woods, but then goes somewhere else entirely. Here is a sample:


The ending may be subject to different interpretations. I think it’s about finding some shred of hope, or something to live for, when things seem at their worst. In this case, it’s friendship.

The full comic, by pirrip, is available on Imgur and Tumblr. I also reblogged it to Tumblr.


Do Dogs Remember Theirs Puppies? A Comic.

I wonder sometimes how dogs remember their puppies once they’ve been taken away.


“Written in the Bones,” a comic by Carey Pietsch and Christopher M. Jones, offers one idea of how they might. Continue reading


Mother Gaia Doesn’t Give a F*#k

Nature will always find a way. It just might not find a way that includes us.

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 9.18.11 PM

Click for whole comic.

Comic by humon on deviantART (via IFLS, h/t Jason).


Texas is represented by a dog sitting in a bowl

XKCD has always been endearingly weird, but this is quite a head-scratcher:


Image credit: ‘United Shapes’ [CC BY-NC 2.5], via xkcd.