In Space, No One Can Hear You Meow

I guess this is from the remake of Alien where they replaced all of the humans with cats. I wonder if they replaced Jones the cat with a human.


Whatever You Do, Don’t Inconvenience the Cat

While looking for consumer products that might assist us in keeping our wonderful, beautiful, loving, adorable, absurdly destructive dogs under some modicum of control, I came across a “pet gate with small pet door”:



Similar products abound on the internet. I haven’t had a cat since I was a kid, when we found the one cat in the universe that did not prompt severe allergic reactions, so I may be a bit rusty. My question is this: How pampered must a cat be to have its own little door? Aside from the most geriatric of cats, I suspect most of them could hurdle that gate.


Monday Morning Cute: The Sharkcat and Its Steed

The sight of a cat dressed in a shark costume riding a Roomba around the kitchen will never, ever get old.

A cat dressed as a shark riding a Roomba

Unless you’re dead inside or something.

Even Forbes has discussed shark-cat, albeit in a way that makes me suspect the writer’s grandkids taught him how to use the internet so he could write the article.

Just give in to the power of shark-cat.


House Cats, Obligate Carnivores

Australian vegans allegedly nearly killed a kitten by feeding it a vegan diet, as shown in a picture of a newspaper clipping that has been going around on Facebook. Cats are essentially obligate carnivores, meaning that they have to have meat in their diets. Dogs can live, at least in theory, on a meat-free diet, but it’s still pretty damn cruel to the dog. If you are one to eschew all meat products in your home, you might seriously consider sticking to rabbits or llamas as pets, or just not having pets at all.

Anyway, I made a GIF set to express my thoughts on the matter:


Monday Morning Cute: Make the Most of What You Have

For the final cute post of 2012, here is Anakin, the two-legged cat:

He reminds me of this comic.

Happy New Year, everyone!


Monday Morning Cute: I sense much fear in you…….

His kittychlorian count must be off the scales!

(h/t Coco Puffin, in whom the Force is strong.)