Porn and Prejudice: That’s Not a Member of Congress

An article entitled “Ranking the 20 Hottest US Congress Women” seems problematic enough, but this was the thumbnail image for the sponsored link at Raw Story:

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 8.30.35 AM

It’s kind of hard to tell how tongue-in-cheek the article intends to be. Here is their entry for Nancy Pelosi, who ranks fourth on the list: Continue reading


Uh Oh – They Know About the Lesbian Nose-Ring Mines!

The Sarah Palin Channel, and others of its ilk, may know too much already:

Given the content available and the affectedly simple presentation, it’s hard not to see the new Sarah Palin Channel as simply a moneymaking enterprise.

Her competitor Glenn Beck’s vertically integrated TV-website-dogwhistle aggregator, the Blaze, takes in $36m per year before ad revenue. And, as both Rick Perlstein and Alex Pareene have noted, one of the animating principles of the conservative movement over the last 40 years has been soaking every last dollar out of people whose intellectual incuriosity has never been an impediment to further rage and paranoia. It’s why places like WorldNetDaily run obnoxious flash ads in columns that, top to bottom, tell you to buy and hoard gold, to click here to join a paid newsletter that outlines the UN/Agenda 21 plans to annex Joe’s Crab Shack, and how your $25 check to FreedomWorks is the only thing standing between repealing Obamacare or toiling in the lesbian nose-earring mines while wearing Soviet-style tracksuits that give everyone frontbutt.

[Emphasis added] (h/t John Cole)

Well, dang. If they know about the nose-ring mines and the tracksuits, it’s only a matter of time before they discover Operation Mandatory Gay Makeover and—I’ve said too much.