Porn and Prejudice: That’s Not a Member of Congress

An article entitled “Ranking the 20 Hottest US Congress Women” seems problematic enough, but this was the thumbnail image for the sponsored link at Raw Story:

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 8.30.35 AM

It’s kind of hard to tell how tongue-in-cheek the article intends to be. Here is their entry for Nancy Pelosi, who ranks fourth on the list: Continue reading


This Week in WTF, January 24, 2014

– See my vest? Some fashion editor wore a coat made from a gorilla out in public recently (h/t Laura). Her response to criticism was that she “received the coat as a gift from a friend who is vegetarian.” Maybe the gorilla died of natural causes.


(In other news, last week was Diane Fossey’s birthday. Go figure.)

Photo context: The Vegan Police scene from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

Via Twitter

Via Twitter

And they say romance is dead: Back in November, an Oklahoma State football fan managed to get his homemade sign in the background of ESPN’s College Gameday. The sign made some off-color comparisons between the inadequacy of Baylor’s defense and pornographic actress Lisa Ann’s, uh…..the sign said “Baylor’s defense has more holes to fill than Lisa Ann.”

(Not all of you know who Lisa Ann is, and others of you will pretend you don’t. The hyperlink on her name goes to her Wikipedia page. Her pictures of Wikimedia Commons push the NSFW boundaries. For anything else, do your own Googling.)

She apparently thought the sign was funny, or charming, or something, and the two kept in touch. (I can’t believe I just linked to TMZ.) They were both back in the news because he was her date to the AVN (Adult Video News) Awards last weekend. Did I mentioned he’s a freshman at OSU? My freshman year of college was kind of dull—it certainly did not involve a trip to Vegas with a 41 year-old woman who received a “Hottest MILF” award.

The OSU student tweeted the picture to the right, and of course the internet’s mind went straight to the gutter.

We make the news around here: A news drone, which I did not know was a thing until just now, was flying above Cape Town, South Africa, trying to get a better view of a guy who was threatening to jump off the top of the city’s Civic Centre. The reason this is news is because the drone almost knocked the man off the building. Luckily he didn’t fall, but it’s just one more data point against drones.

News drones??? Really????