You’ll Never Not Vote Again

This Danish PSA, which may or may not be some sort of parody, explains why it is critically important to vote (h/t Jason).

See, if you don’t vote, then you’ll force this large mustachioed dude to interrupt his orgy so that he can promote your involvement in the democratic process…..uh, with his fists. There’s also a dolphin involved somehow.

Any questions?

Also, is that Ben Patrick Johnson doing the voiceover?


This Week in WTF, April 4, 2014

Ricardo Thomas [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons– I hope you had enough cake for the guards: A couple invited the Queen of England to their wedding “as a joke.” She showed up.

This really ups the stakes for all the people who try to invite porn stars to their prom & stuff.

– That would be quite a warning label: A prison inmate (described by Vice as a “pimp”), who is serving time in part for “kicking the shit” out of someone, is suing Nike under a theory of products liability for failing to warn that his shoes could be used as weapons.

– And don’t. do. drugs: According to this almost-certainly-fake Australian PSA, skipping school and slacking is dangerous, because land mines. (Just think of it as a not-quite-two-minute slasher film.)

Don't skip school, or, uh, land mines?

– Don’t click this link, seriously: Also from Vice, the story of a man with no butt crack. It’s not a congenital conditional or anything. A doctor had to sew it shut. Ouch.

Photo credit: Ricardo Thomas [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.


Austin Animal Center Gets an Emmy Nomination

A local TV spot has received a nomination for a state-level Emmy award. The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Lone Star Chapter announced its 2012 Lone Star Emmy Nominations, and “Maddie’s Day Out” is nominated in the “Commercial – Single Spot/Campaign” category.

The city’s Channel 6 produced the ad for Austin Animal Center, chronicling the adventures of a yellow lab named Maddie as she hits many of Austin’s iconic destinations while her human searches for her. As cute as it is, it has an important message about tagging and microchipping your pets. Dogs go missing all the time, unfortunately, and they’re not all as resourceful as Maddie. Of course, you should also make sure your backyard is secure so your dog can’t get out, and also make sure the tagging and microchipping are up to date.

I particularly like the salt-rimmed dog bowl.

The competition is rather diverse: “Celebration: ‘Outliving Your Ovaries’ Product Spot”from KDTN in Denton; “Dallas Mavericks Basketball Is Back – Time Lapse Mural;” and “Sea World San Antonio/Momentum ‘Howl-O-Scream.'” I think Maddie’s got this one.

I’ll just take this opportunity to post this AT&T commercial from a few years ago, which still makes me cry, dangit: