A Good Dog

Our dog is sick. We don’t even know what that means just yet, but we know she’s far from the spry days of her youth.

It might be cancer. It might just be old age. Fifteen years is a hell of a run for any dog. Look May right in the face, though, and you’ll see that she’s not done yet. Not by a long shot. Continue reading


Monday Morning Cute: Dogs Doing Stuff

First off, the Pitweiler, from Matt3794 on Reddit, who noted: “Met a Pitweiler the other day at the shop. I almost cried in front of the mechanics out of sheer joy.”

I’m not sure I see the Rottweiler in this little guy, but cuteness that can bring people to tears must be respected.

Next up, okk- asks “What is this witchcraft?”

And in keeping with the pug theme that didn’t really exist until I just now pointed it out, here’s a pug walking a stuffed pug in a stroller:

That’s all for this week. Go hug a puppy.


The Single-Minded Quest of the Dog

Nothing is going to stop her from getting that fly. The computer was a necessary sacrifice for the greater good.

Housefly 1, Dog 0, Computer 0

(The computer is fine, by the way.)

(She never caught the fly.)


The Mind of the Dog (UPDATED)

This video gives us an important glimpse into the average dog’s ongoing search for its human’s leg vagina, along with all the daily pooping rituals:

Really, all of zefrank1‘s videos are worth a lingering look.

UPDATE (01/27/2014): Apparently the embedded video was not “Sad Dog Diary” as advertised. Hopefully this fixes it.


Their First Ride to Their Forever Homes

I found these in an Imgur gallery entitled “First ride to new homes after being in a shelter.” Here are a few highlights, with some pittie-esque dogs and a little one who needed someone to hold their paw.


Epic Battles from History, vs. Petting Virtual Dogs. The Choice Seems Clear.

I recently started playing Assassin’s Creed III, which, despite the number, is the fifth game in the series. (Assassin’s Creed II was basically its own trilogy.) It is set in New England during the buildup to the Revolutionary War (I’m only about halfway through the game, and we just fought at Lexington and Concord and at Bunker Hill.)

The game offers many improvements to the controls, as compared to previous games in the series, and makes other changes that help game play. The new feature that I most like however, is that animals  feature prominently into the game. By that, I mean:

  • You can hunt, and then sell meat, hides, pelts, and other spoils to merchants throughout the game areas;
  • If you run into redcoats, you have a fighting chance of getting away, but if you run into a wolf, cougar, bear, or male elk in the wilderness, you might as well just put the controller down, wait to regenerate, and find a different route; and
  • You get to pet domesticated animals.
Via tumblr.com

Via tumblr.com

Really, I only care about the third thing. I thought Assassin’s Creed: Revelations was awesome for adding ziplines (although I still don’t quite understand why 16th-century Constantinople had so dang many of them everywhere), but the ability to pet a dog for no reason is gaming brilliance.

Sometimes, dogs will walk up to you and roll onto their backs, but unfortunately, there is no “belly rub” function. Get on that, please, Ubisoft!

Here are a few image macros that express my thoughts quite well: Continue reading


Nitpick of the Day: Ferrets are Not Rodents

Austin’s KVUE News reported yesterday on a man, possibly in Brazil, who made a shocking discovery about his two pet poodles. Specifically, he learned that they are not poodles at all, but rather ferrets jacked up on steroids.

The unsourced story is certainly good for a shocked guffaw, except that it set off my NCD (Nerd Compulsive Disorder, which I hope to lobby for inclusion in the DSM-VI) when it described the two beasts as “giant rodents pumped with steroids to look like dogs.” Bad KVUE, bad!

The domesticated ferret, known to zoologists and geeks as Mustela putorius furo, is a placental mammal in the order Carnivora. Other well-known members of Carnivora includes dogs, cats, raccoons, meerkats, wolverines, honey badgers, lions, tigers, and bears (shut up.) Continue reading


Monday Morning Cute: Donkeyshop Quartet (the pun needs some work…)

I’m open to other caption suggestions.

Bonus: Boston Terrier with a supernaturally long tongue.