This Week in WTF, June 5, 2015

– These arbitrarily-assigned colours mean something!: The Tories’ big wins in the UK last month created an electoral map that looks like Maggie Simpson (h/t Jennifer):

Via Alex McLaughlan / Twitter

Via Alex McLaughlan / Twitter

– Speaking of strange cuisine: (We were talking about the UK, where this San Antonian got stomachaches because the food was so, well, bland…) Anyway, a lot of people like their pizza spicy where I’m from.

This is probably too spicy (h/t Layla):

Via Country 105 : Today's Country / Facebook

Via Country 105 : Today’s Country / Facebook

Is scorpion venom spicy? I have no idea, and I don’t have any intention of finding out.

– Leave Ren Faire at Ren Faire, dude: Austin, Texas was recently the scene of a road rage incident that got medieval (h/t Jenelle).

By that I mean the altercation eventually reached a point where a sword and a “homemade flail” were involved.

Austin, man.

Final Destination was just a movie…..right?: I have no idea how this motorcycle sprocket went through this guy’s windshield and embedded in the ceiling of the car (if that’s what happened—it’s not at all clear) (h/t David):

Via NBC Bay Area / Facebook

Via NBC Bay Area / Facebook

If this guy notices Tony Todd in a recurring role, he needs to run.

Yes, I know this is from "Candyman," not "Final Destination." Shut up.

Yes, I know this is from “Candyman,” not “Final Destination.” Shut up.

– Have some more pareidolia: It’s not just electoral maps that look hauntingly familiar in the UK. It’s also the mushrooms:

Photo by Jonathan Revett, via

Photo by Jonathan Revett, via


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