Are You F—ing Kidding Me?

I am a bit too angry to see straight, but need to share the utter, reprehensible ridiculousness of this:

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An ex-stripper who went on to law school and later was elected a judge was found dead inside her Nevada home Sunday, The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

Her body was discovered during a welfare check, the report said, and authorities do not suspect foul play.

Municipal Judge Diana Hampton, who was 50, was known by colleagues as a hard worker and appeared to be the perfect picture of health. Her death shocked colleagues, one of whom told the paper he planned to have lunch with the judge this week.

Hampton, who served as a municipal judge for more than a decade, worked with youth in the community to discourage them from crime.

Hampton took an unusual route to her judgeship. She was criticized during her 2005 run for Henderson Department 3 for working as a stripper in Las Vegas prior to pursuing law school. It was a part of her past she did not disavow and reaffirmed that her past had nothing to do with how she would rule from the bench.

“From the very beginning, she decided she was going to be a judge,” said Joe Sciscento, a justice of the peace who knew Hampton for more than 20 years. “She was dedicated to that. She was focused on that, and she wouldn’t let things get in her way.”

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A Stripper FAQ

An Imgur user going by the handle LittleQueenTrashMouth (probably not their real name) posted a two-part FAQ (part 1, part 2) about the actual business and experience of stripping, and it actually shed light on a job that people tend to either mythologize or severely denigrate. It offers one person’s perspective, but from a viewpoint rarely seen in most media. It focuses exclusively on female strippers serving male clientele, which I suppose constitutes most people’s image of how stripping works. Here are a few highlights (it gets pretty PG-13 from here on, plus a trigger warning for mention of rape and sexual harassment):

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