An Idea for Tonight’s GOP Debate

Apparently the Republican debate tonight, in which ten candidates will be participating, will be limited to a total of two hours, including commercials. If we assume 18 minutes of commercials per hour (it seems like most hour-long TV shows are around 42 minutes long without commercials), that means that, if we ignore the time needed for the moderators to ask questions, each candidate will get 8 minutes and 24 seconds total—assuming they divvy up the time evenly.

The ten participants, according to Politico, are Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, Rand Paul, Carly Fiorina, Chris Christie, and John Kasich.

A summary of recent polls at Real Clear Politics shows Christie in last place out of this set of ten candidates, with 2.4 percent.

I have a suggestion for Gov. Christie. Continue reading


Put Your Fiscal Responsibility Where Your Mouth Is

If Republicans like Chris Christie really believe so strongly in fiscal responsibility that they’re willing to make such difficult sacrifices (of other people’s pensions), they should really just go all in and forego their own salaries and benefits entirely. What better way could there be to signal support for the “job creators” than to work for free?

I don’t know how much money that would save (which could be passed on through tax cuts to the direct benefit of Cayman Islands bankers), but it would make a bold statement, and that’s all this is really about, anyway.