What I’m Reading, December 9, 2014

The Second Coming of Walter Winchell, Jim Wright, Stonekettle Station, December 4, 2014

Abdul Rahman al Harbi’s life was destroyed by Glenn Beck.

He was wounded when the bombs went off, but the injuries inflicted on his life by the murderous Tsarnaev brothers are nothing compared to the damage done by Glenn Beck’s lunatic greed.

Al Harbi filed suit against Glenn Beck, The Blaze, Mercury Radio Arts and Premiere Radio Networks for defamation and slander.

Instead of owning up to his mistake, Beck attempted to have the lawsuit dismissed.

True to form, the man who touts “personal responsibility,” who pilloried media personalities for waging a campaign of defamation against Iva Toguri, that man argued even though every word he’d ever said about Al Harbi was a proven falsehood before he said it, Al Harbi was a “public figure” and therefore Beck should be able to say whatever he liked without consequence. Never mind the fact that Beck himself was the one personally responsible for making Al Harbi a public figure in the first place.

The judge didn’t buy it.

Tuesday, U.S. District Court Judge Patti Saris ruled the suit brought by Abdul Rahman al Harbi could go forward.

[Emphasis in original.]

Not the Ducks! -Push Back Against Doctors, Avicenna, A Million Gods, December 7, 2014

If someone said “speaking as a parent, I think it is okay to mix water and electricity” we would consider them shoddy parents. Yet the same sort of logic is considered acceptable. Parents often make poor decisions with regards to children’s healthcare and that is fine. However don’t portray yourself as an equal in terms of knowledge. One of the prices of my education is realising how much I don’t know. A lot of my medical posts are after a read through of the literature and text books.


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