Fool Me Once on Social Media…

If you don’t know by now that you should always Google the subject matter of a meme before re-posting it, then you are either (a) too young to use a computer yet, or (b) hopeless. That said, it is now becoming clear that you shouldn’t always trust a debunking of a meme.

A series of images making their way around the web show huge numbers of people piling onto some rusty, rickety ships. The description often accompanying the image suggests that these are Syrian (or Libyan) refugees headed for Europe, with sinister suggestions for what that implies…

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Fox News does not need anyone’s help to look and sound stupid, so please stop this

Fox News "Toolooz" Report

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Please stop making up dumb things to attribute to Fox News. They do not need anyone’s help to sound dumb, and crap like this only makes their devotees even more devoted.


This is not a real screen capture from Fox News. It is a Photoshop job.

The Snopes community has already covered this. Another site has what appears to be the original screen capture–I don’t know French, so I’m kind of assuming.

All this accomplishes is giving Fox News fans an out when someone on Fox really does say some bullshit. “Well, you liberals made up that other crap, so how do we know you didn’t make this up too?”

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